[Baltimore, MD] September 6th, 2023 – Coordle, the highly anticipated digital platform
targeting business and corporate group travel, makes its official debut. The next-
generation digital group movement platform, designed with inclusion and accessibility at
the forefront, provides a central hub for information flow, communications, and logistics,
allowing users to move groups effectively, effortlessly, and expertly. Coordle’s multi-
layered interface presents both an engaging user experience and an informed,
organized, and coordinated back-office, providing each group with customized end-to-
end service. The platform’s technology and intuitive lifestyle components have already
created a noteworthy buzz within the corporate sector, drawing advance inquiries from
corporate event and meeting planners, retreat owners, collegiate athletic programs,
and travel desks across the U.S. seeking information about the platform’s availability
and specs.

Founded by Dr. Jen Fry, an acclaimed conflict resolution educator, inclusive workspace
expert, sports geographer, speaker, and traveler, Coordle’s revolutionary approach is
driven by Dr. Fry’s practical experience moving groups and her commitment to solving
real problems across a variety of industries.

“Coordle is a tangible manifestation of my years of professional and personal
experiences as a professional problem solver and coordinator in the collegiate sports
travel machine. I’m a connector at my core. Coordle connects movement, travel,
inclusion, and accessibility in bigger and better ways than what we have seen in the
marketplace to date to solve the real problems anyone who moves groups knows all too
well. Designed with multiple types of users, industries, and goals in mind, this platform
provides the central hub needed to move a group of any size well.”– Jen Fry, CEO &
Founder Coordle 

Through her companies, Dr. Fry has turned her life experiences into practical
mechanisms that each facilitate constructive conversations, engaging environments,
and innovative solutions. As a leading voice in social justice conversations and a tech
entrepreneur, Dr. Fry’s unique qualifications meet the moment.

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