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What makes Coordle better

Coordle is a group movement platform that asks the question: How can we move groups better, simpler, and more organized?

Our answer is an intuitive, feature-rich app and web platform that serves as a central hub for all your real-time information, communication, logistics and needs as you move your group.

Group movement is in the details, which is why we focus on features that assist trip hosts in managing all the nuances that previously caused movements to become unorganized, chaotic, and frustrating. The less time spent on the details, the more time spent enjoying the experience.

You’ll no longer have to organize everything through a variety of Google docs, spreadsheets, emails, or text threads, only for those methods to become either obsolete or time-consuming once the group starts moving.

Coordle’s centralized platform will serve as a hub for all group-related information and communication, which will save you time as you’ll spend less time answering everyone’s questions about daily itineraries, changes, tasks, movements of separate groups, meetings, etc.

Using Coordle for your group movement logistics helps ensure that the right personnel are present at the right location and time–facilitating collaboration and efficient workflow.

We center on inclusion, diversity, accessibility, safety, and mobility.

We care about ensuring the needs of those often overlooked are prioritized and valued on Coordle.

Group movement experiences vary significantly for individuals from diverse backgrounds, including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and/or disabled folks. Recognizing and addressing these communities’ unique needs and challenges is essential to ensure an inclusive and equitable group movement.

We know that safety is a key component of moving your group and want to help you keep your folks safe.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of those managing the group and within the groups. Our platform will include safety features such as emergency contact information, medical profiles, and real-time location sharing.

In case of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances, hosts can communicate with group participants and provide support if necessary quickly.


Shareable, moveable itinerary since plans change and printed schedules are out of date the minute you print them

Real time and push notifications to keep your group updated

Special features for hosts and organizers

Both mobile and web applications

Storing and sharing group photos

Polling so your group make decisions more quickly and easily

Group and individual chat to make communication easier

Individual profiles with needs, dietary restrictions, food allergies, and more

Managing dietary needs and food orders

All of your group’s trips and movement in one place

Document storage and easy access to the information you need


Coordle helps you coordinate and move your group more effectively. Coordle is an intuitive, feature-rich app and web platform that serves as a central hub for all your real-time information, communication, logistics, and needs as you move your group.

Coordle is designed for any organization, community, industry, profession, sport, school, or team that moves groups of people. Some examples are:

  • Corporate and business teams that frequently travel for conferences, off-site meetings, retreats, team-building activities, or client visits
  • Educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities which often organize group movements for field trips, study tours, or sports teams
  • Non-profit organizations involved in community service, disaster relief efforts, or volunteer programs
  • Small group wellness retreat owners and hosts
  • Event organizers for weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, birthdays, anniversaries, conferences, trade shows, etc.
  • Sports teams and clubs (amateur and professional) that often travel together for competitions, tournaments, or training camps
  • Cultural organizations, hobby groups, or special interest communities need a platform to organize group trips, cultural exchanges, or specific interest-based events for their members
  • Music productions like tours, concerts, music festivals, artist development and workshops, and recording sessions
  • Movie productions transporting a group of people, equipment, and resources between film sets and locations
  • Incubators and accelerators in-person events and retreats, scheduling and managing mentoring sessions, networking events, and workshops, and event coordination.

What group movements have we left out that can use this platform to be more successful? Contact us at to tell us what group movements we have left out.

Group travel and group movement are two related but distinct concepts. 

  • Group Travel primarily emphasizes the experience of traveling together as a group and exploring a specific destination for either business or pleasure. The purpose of group travel is often leisure, recreation, education, or cultural enrichment. Group travel involves planned itineraries, sightseeing, excursions, and shared experiences at the destination.
  • Group Movement is a bigger umbrella that group travel often falls under. Group movement focuses on moving groups within the same location or to different locations as it encompasses not only travel but also the act of moving within a specific space or area. Movement may not necessarily involve long distances or formal transportation methods. It incorporates coordinating movements, travel arrangements, accommodation, and transportation that’s essential for the smooth functioning of the event. It means ensuring that the right personnel are present at the right location and time, facilitating collaboration and efficient workflow. Group movement is bigger than just travel.

Currently, there is no limit to the number of people in a group, but as we better understand user function ability and the platform, there may need to add group size limits.

Yes! We understand how critical a chat function is to group movement and wanted to make sure this was one of our foundational features. We are excited you will have the ability to do a full group chat, individual chats, and mini group chats. Within the chat you can send and receive pictures. We’ll be adding in the ability to add emojis, memes, and GIFs in the future because if you are like us, you can’t have a conversation without a GIF.

While we know you have developed an excellent system of using Google Sheets, Google Docs, email and text updates, and your calendar, that’s a lot of tools to use and update. At a certain point, it becomes really difficult to keep everything and everyone up to date and synced.

There are a lot of moving parts and often trying to update the spreadsheet (that no one reads) on your phone becomes so difficult that you turn to just texting and telling people about changes, a method–from our experience–that leads to miscommunication, incorrect information, and frustration.

Our core team has over 35 combined years of group movement experience and Google Sheets and Google Docs were our friends, too, because we had no other options. We wish there was a platform like Coordle to help us navigate the groups we were managing.

Coordle is different because it helps streamline logistics, manage itineraries, and facilitate communication among team members through automating administrative tasks that helps streamline operations, reduces manual effort, and provides a centralized system for managing data and information for groups. It enables efficient coordination, logistics planning, and communication.


Using Coordle can be helpful as a first-timer planning any type of group movement because it will help you keep all of the information organized when planning and coordinating activities for your group. This platform and features are designed to assist in helping you organize and manage all of your group travel, activities, events, communication, and notes

For personal group movement and trips: We’d love for you to use Coordle for your personal needs, too. We designed it to work for ANY group movement and can’t wait to hear about your experience with it!

For small groups: Yes, Coordle is meant to assist ANY group movement, even for groups as small as two. Even when traveling in a pair or small group, you will still need a place to manage all of your travel documents, confirmations of activities, lodging information, pictures, and more. Many people think you don’t need to use something like Coordle because there are only two to three people. The reality is that groups of any size can benefit from using Coordle! We want to help manage your information so that you can enjoy your trip’s activities and make memories.


At this time we are not a booking platform for transportation or hotels, but we may incorporate those features in the future. Contact us at to tell us what things you would like to be able to book through the platform. We love to hear your feedback.

We love to hear from folks about what additional features would be helpful and we’ve been consistently incorporating that feedback since the first version of the platform. We want to make sure that we are adding features that are useful to a variety of groups and businesses. What do you want to see next? Email us at We appreciate your time and willingness to help us be better.

We understand how important your time is. Manually adding a bunch of information into documents that can’t be updated or are rarely read or spreadsheets that are hard to update or read on the go being hard to read is frustrating. And it leaves you having to remind everyone all the time about things.

Here are a few ways Coordle can save you time, especially as the group gets bigger and the complexity of the movement grows.

  • We provide a centralized platform for communication, eliminating the need for multiple phone calls, emails, or group chats. Having all relevant information and discussions in one place allows participants to quickly access updates, share information, and make decisions more efficiently.
  • You can create and share detailed itineraries with all participants. This eliminates the need to communicate schedules, activities, and changes individually, saving time and reducing confusion.
  • We offer real-time updates and notifications, ensuring that all participants receive timely information about any changes or updates. This avoids delays caused by missed or delayed communication.
  • Our features manage logistics–such as transportation, accommodation, and ticketing–by streamlining these processes and providing a central platform for coordination. Participants can save time in organizing and confirming these arrangements.
  • Coordle allows for sharing important documents such as itineraries, emergency contact information, or travel documents. This makes it easier to access necessary information, reducing the time spent searching for or requesting these documents separately.


We believe that your identities make you who you are, and we want to make sure that you Coordle helps you through your experience as a user on our platform. 

We collect demographic data to serve several purposes including giving the hosts access to the information to create a better experience for those with identities that tend to be left on the margins. 

We use this data to personalize the experience on the platform such as the trip inspirations and any future features to your specific needs and preferences. By understanding your demographics we can provide relevant recommendations, suggestions, and content that cater to your interests and preferences.

Your demographic data can help us when conducting user research and understanding the characteristics and behavior of different user groups. We can’t fix problems that we don’t know exist if we can’t see who is disproportionately affected.

As we navigate this space with your private and confidential data, we handle it with care and adhere to privacy regulations to protect user privacy and ensure data security. You can read our Privacy Policy and be informed about the data collected and how it will be used.

We handle and store your demographic data in a secure manner, following best practices to prevent unauthorized access or misuse.

We collect gender and sexual identity demographic data for Coordle to work towards creating an inclusive and personalized experience for you as a user, and give the host the option to access it to help great an inclusive group movement as well.

We want to make sure you have an inclusive user experience and by collecting gender and sexual identity demographic data, we can ensure that Coordle caters to the diverse needs and preferences of our user base. This data can help us provide inclusive options for accommodations, activities, and services that align with different gender identities and sexual orientations.

Aggregated and anonymized demographic data can be valuable for conducting research, analysis, and advocacy related to travel experiences of diverse gender and sexual identity groups. It can help identify trends, disparities, and areas for improvement in the travel industry, ultimately contributing to a more inclusive and equal travel landscape.

We strive to be VERY thoughtful of the information being given to us, how we manage it, who has access to it and ultimately what it is used for. When collecting gender and sexual identity demographic data, it is crucial that we prioritize your privacy and data protection. We work to clearly communicate the purpose and use of the data, obtain explicit consent from users, and ensure compliance with relevant data protection regulations.

Additionally, we provide users with options to control their data, maintain strict data security measures, and avoid unnecessary or invasive collection of sensitive information.

Currently we do not have a location feature. When it is available, the default will be off and you will decide whether to share your location. Depending on the age of the participant and the consent of the legal guardians, the shared location might be on the duration of the movement.

We understand that forgetting your password is frustrating. If you forget your password, go to the sign in screen and tap forget password on the right handside. Enter your email, and you will be sent a temporary password. If your email is not showing up as having an account, please check to see if you used your Google or Facebook profile to create your account.

We love questions and understand that group movement can be tough. If you need to get in touch with us please email us at

The effective, effortless, expert way to move your group.