Experience better travel with Coordle

What makes Coordle better

Coordle is a more intuitive, hassle-free, complete platform that serves as a central hub for all your travel information, communication, and needs.
We center inclusion, diversity, accessibility, safety, mobility, and all the identities who make you the traveler you are.
You’ll no longer have to manage complicated, incomplete Google docs and spreadsheets and continually answer everyone’s questions about who’s where and what’s happening when.
Plus, we care about making sure the needs of those who are often overlooked are prioritized and valued on Coordle.


Travel alerts and reminders (flights, check-in, weather, and more)

Customize the look and feel of each trip in the app

Lodging information, with a toggle option for hotel room numbers

The ability to pre-map out locations on a map

Trip details imported automatically, with easy updating

modes of travel are separated by arrival and departure times

Group and individual messaging

Storage for and sharing of trip pictures

And more!

Experience Better Travel with Coordle