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Way to move your Group

Coordle is the tech catalyst for efficiency, transforming the frustrations that come with moving your group into effortless coordination with dynamic itineraries and real-time solutions.

Eliminate Group Travel Frustrations

Coordle Gives You Peace Of Mind.​

We’re Helping You Do More Of The Stuff You Want To Do And Less Of The Stuff You Don’t.​​

You’re Committed To Ensuring Your People Receive The High-Quality Experience They Expect. So Are We.​​

“I’m using Coordle for an upcoming group trip. It’s been great so far! Thank you for being responsive to my suggestions. Can’t wait to see the next version!”

“I love that Coordle is all-inclusive and provides the up-to-date information needed. It’s very helpful when traveling with large groups and takes the place of group texts and chats when trying to plan or prepare. All the information is in the palm of your hand through one platform!”


Real-time group movement at your fingertips, designed with you in mind:

Shareable, movable itinerary

Import itineraries

Real-time notifications and updates

Special features for hosts and organizers

Photo sharing and document storage*

*Coming Soon!

Profiles with specific user needs

Mobile and web applications

Group polling

1:1 and group chat

Introductory Pricing

12 trips per year and up to 25 participants per trip

3-month access

$ 297

6-month access

$ 537
Save 10%

Annual Subscription

$ 997

Ready to move your group more effectively, effortlessly, and expertly?

We believe in real-time group movement at your fingertips. Coordle is a tech platform for people who are frustrated by the amount of manual labor, lack of real-time information, and difficulty in organizing the details while moving groups of people. We’re here to make moving groups easy by using our intuitive, feature-rich app and web platform that is location-aware, provides streamlined real-time information, messaging, hosting capabilities, and a dynamic and moveable itinerary. Group movement that’s easy, accessible, and in your hand.

The effective, effortless, expert way to move your group.